COVID-19 Policies:

We are making changes in an attempt to create an office which provides our staff and our patients with increased safety during this pandemic. There is nothing that we can do which will reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 to zero.

At appointment booking:
We request that you fill out the intake form online. If possible fax or email it to us. You can also print the form and bring it with you to the examination.

At check in:
We ask that you call us from your car to confirm your arrival, we then ask that you wait in your car rather than entering the building.
We will confirm that all patients are free of COVID-19 symptoms and have not had any known exposure to COVID-19 within the past 14 days.
When the office is prepared, we will invite you in. Your temperature will be taken and must be below 100.4 degrees F.
You must wear a mask or you will not be allowed into the office. If you do not have a mask, we can provide you with one.
You will be taken directly to the exam room, there is no longer a waiting area inside the office
Unless there is a compelling reason, only the patient will be allowed into the office.
Everyone, including staff, will use hand sanitizer EVERY time they come into the office.

After the examination:
Frame selection and glasses purchasing now require their own appointment times. If you know in advance that you wish to purchase glasses, please let us know so we can schedule your frame selection just before or just after your examination.
All frames which are handled must be disinfected before they are returned to the frame display board.
Only a single patient can be in the frame selection area at once, so please be efficient with your time while selecting glasses.

At dispensing of glasses/contacts:
All deliveries require an appointment, even curbside deliveries.
Only a single patient can be in the dispensing area at once.
We believe that a properly fitted pair of glasses is important, however if you wish to reduce your exposure you should elect curbside pick-up.
We encourage all contact lens orders to include direct-to-patient shipping which will be provided at no cost for any order of two or more boxes of contacts.

Masks are to be worn full time by all staff and all patients while they are in the building.
Glasses repairs also require an appointment. They should be dropped off and the patient will be called when the repair is complete.
One of the dispensing tables has been moved into the former waiting area to create separate spaces for frame selection and dispensing.
The front door to our office is to remain locked at all times.
As much as is possible, some of the windows will be open to improve ventilation.
The exhaust fans in the exam rooms are to remain on during all business hours to increase airflow in the office.